Cyborg Tower Defense is a brand new tower defense game from bigfungames. It features 1584 waves of Ultimate tower defense fun over 60 levels and 3 difficulty settings. Robotic Cyborgs have boarded your spaceship and you must use your towers to defend the ship. There are 3 difficulty levels - Normal, Hard (where shielded cyborgs appear) and Extreme (where the cyborgs shoot back!) The game is id 3D and you can zoom right into the action or plan your overall strategy from a distance. You are awarded 3 stars for each level that you complete perfectly and these stars can be spent on 18 different upgrade stats. Achieving a perfect score for all 60 levels is challenging but you will get a reward at the end of the game. This really is the ultimate tower defense game! Kill them all! For more details send a message to - info at bigfungames dot co dot uk
Cyborg Tower Defense is now on Steam Greenlight. Please visit and vote to have the game published.  STEAM GREENLIGHT HERE